The boxed sketches by Peter Freeman, printed by Goanna Press, were prepared during a recent Riverina trip. The box set includes 16 cards depicting stations from ‘Collingwood’ at Gunning to ‘Nap Nap’ near Maude NSW. The tour took place November 2006, and was organised by Trisha Dixon of Bobundara, and guided by Trisha Dixon and Peter Freeman. The limited edition print folder [250 sets] was completed in 1982, and was quality printed by Canberra Publishing & Printing, and published by the Royal Australian Institute of Architects. The folder includes 14 sketches completed during the preparation of ‘The Homestead: A Riverina Anthology’. This limited edition of pencil sketches is printed on Teton text paper, using Garamond Medium fonts. The collector’s edition folder includes a card folder, text descriptions of the 14 homesteads, and the sketches. Postage cost is $20.